What Home Buyers Need to Know Before Scheduling Private Showings

February 8th, 2024 by Susan Kadilak



If you're in the market for a new home, you've likely wondered what to expect during a private showing. Home showings are a crucial part of the home-buying process and should be considered a part of your overall strategy. While attending an open house is great, a private showing gives you the opportunity to explore an empty home to yourself without feeling rushed or crowded by other open house attendees. Typically, the only agent at a private showing is your own, so you don’t have to filter your comments like you do when the listing agent is present.



However, it's equally important to maintain proper etiquette while exploring these homes. Below, I’m laying out some essential tips to keep in mind during private showings.


Communicate with Your Agent


The first rule of thumb when scheduling a private showing is to be punctual! Time is valuable for everyone involved, so if you find yourself running late or early, it's crucial to communicate with your real estate agent. They can convey your schedule to the sellers, ensuring that the showing goes smoothly. Remember, the sellers have made their home available just for you, so being respectful of their time is essential.


Shoes Off or Booties On


When you enter a home for a showing, pay attention to the house rules regarding footwear. Many homeowners request that visitors either remove their shoes or wear provided booties to protect the floors. To ensure a positive experience, make sure your socks are clean (this is not the time to wear the ones with 6 holes in them!), and consider bringing your own booties if you prefer not to remove your shoes. I’ve had many clients who have done this and found it easier than digging through the graveyard of used booties. This simple step can help maintain the cleanliness of the property.



Respect Personal Spaces


While it's perfectly acceptable to open cabinet doors, appliances, and closet doors during a showing, it's essential to avoid delving into personal spaces like dressers and nightstands. These are private areas that should be respected. Always keep in mind the privacy of the homeowners, even when you're exploring their property.


No Messy Snacks


House hunting can be an all-day affair, and hunger may strike during your tours. However, it's important to be mindful of what snacks you bring along. Avoid messy foods like chips or sticky treats that can leave crumbs or stains behind. Remember, you're in someone's home, and cleanliness matters. Eating in the car or building breaks into your schedule is a great way to keep everyone from feeling hangry!


Watch What You Say


In today's age of technology, it's essential to exercise caution when discussing your intentions or offers for a property while inside and outside of the home. There may be security cameras or recording devices in place. Save any important conversations about the property for later discussions with your agent, ensuring your privacy and security.



Leave Pets Behind


If you're a pet owner, it's best to leave your furry friends outside of the home during showings. Allergies and potential accidents can complicate things for a seller once they return home, so you want to be mindful of that. Focus on the house during the showing and ensure your pets are comfortable and secure elsewhere.


Happy house hunting!